Welcome To Miracle Gardens

The garden is a green Gym. Researchers have found that you can reap almost the same health benefits from gardening as you would from a workout in the gym. There are plenty of reasons that gardening always tops the lists of favorite pastimes: the beauty of the result, the joy of connecting to nature, being able to grow your own (and more delicious) food and herbs and, of course, relaxation.

Miracle Garden is established in the year of 1999 with the leadership of Mr. Gopi EP, an expert in agricultural industry. We are active in the sales of all types plants(fruits, flowers, trees, indoor and outdoor plants ets.) for the past 15 years.

We are specialist in :

   *  All hybrid varieties (Coconut, Mango, Sapota, etc.)
   *  All Fruits and Flowers with cross and draft varieties.
   *  Garden Designing and Landscaping.


Garden Design and Landscaping

We do Garden Designing and Landscaping. Please contact us for more details.